We believe that Ho Lung can build up its position and survive in the competitive power engineering industry, only with high quality engineering, employee-friendly management, motivation of personal potentials, reasonable profit to subcontractors, and putting itself in the position of customers.

Now, Ho Lung is qualified to keep a foothold in the industry, which is because of the contribution from all the employees. However, we don’t just stop here.

With trust, sincereness and our company principle “obedience, responsibility, honor”, we will continue to strengthen quality control at each site and breed more superior engineers to conquer future challenges. 

With Ho Lung’s company purpose “Obedience, Responsibility, Honor”, we have been laying a solid foundation of Power Engineering with continuing on-the-job training and personnel training. Ho Lung develops solar energy and wind power engineering to contribute a world with green energy. Also, dedicates to grasp the market pulse to be a sustainable corporation.



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