Company Introduction

“ Obedience, Responsibility, Honor ”
“ Safety, Quality, Efficiency ”​

 Ho Lung concentrates on the Power Engineering with professionalism, technique and creativity. Continuously improving QHSE and training systems with equipment renewal in order to light up towns, brighten up cities, and power up our world.
 When facing social and economic restructure in Taiwan and challenges from the changing international market, by grasping the market pulse and taking the initiative to create a niche, Ho Lung develops 
Solar Energy Engineering and Wind Energy Engineering to devote ourselves to contribute a green energy world as being a sustainable corporation.





Formed an alliance with power testing department of Winsome E.E. Consulting Co., Ltd. strategically to utilize personnel dispatching effectiveness.


Signed Memorandum of Understanding with Shu-Te University for engaging Industry and Academia Collaboration and promoting talents to become professionals with the scholarship program. 
Kicked off the first offshore wind energy engineering project.


Engaged Industry and Academia Collaboration in Wuhang, Shanghai and Inner Mongolia, and technical exchange with Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute. 


Cooperated with Wintech Electric Co., Ltd. to develop products of "Partial Discharge Monitoring System (PD)”.
Conducted repair and maintenance engineering of power and roadside system for Taiwan High Speed Rail (Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Yunlin, Kaohsiung and other stations).


Technicians from VISCAS, Japan, came to deliver 345kV cable connecting engineering training .


Conduct power system implementation engineering for Department of Transmission Line and Substation Construction and Department of Power Supply of Taiwan Power Company .
Dispatch technicians to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa to demonstrate our international engineering techniques by cooperating with Japanese Company .


Cooperated with VISCAS, Japan, for overseas engineering deployment . 
Established cooperative tie with Tai-I Electric Wire & Cable and started the study of development and technology of wind power .


Dispatched technicians to take training of 345kV cable connecting in VISCAS Corporation, Japan . 
Established cooperative tie with Young Fast Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., and cooperated 345kV cable testing .


Founded “Ming-Wei Precision Co., Ltd.” to produce CSJ copper fittings . 
Dispatched technicians to LS Cable & System, Korea, for 345kV cable connecting training and overseas engineering deployment .


Organized with Hold Key Electric Wire & Cable, Co. Ltd. to found “DaHeLung Machinery Co., Ltd.” to produce CSJ components .


Established cooperative tie with TWSE-Listed cable leading factories, Hold Key Electric Wire & Cable, Co. Ltd., China Wire and Cable Co., Ltd., Tatung Co. and Ta-Tun Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. Until now, Ho Long has been as the only assigned partner by these factories from the day we established.


As the agency of 161kVand 69kV connectors authorized by Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., Japan .


Contracted with Sumitomo Corporation, Japan, in joint effort of power transmission system implementation engineering .


Founded "Ho Lung Power Engineering Co., Ltd." to provide service of power transmission and transformation .


Formed an alliance with Tokyo Electric Power Distribution Association, Japan .


Conducted power distribution engineering in Fengshan area for Taiwan Power Company .


Joined Taiwan Electrical Contractors Association as a member .


Conducted power distribution engineering in Kaohsiung for Taiwan Power Company.


Conducted reconnecting engineering in Tainan for Taiwan Power Company .

With Ho Lung’s company purpose “Obedience, Responsibility, Honor”, we have been laying a solid foundation of Power Engineering with continuing on-the-job training and personnel training. Ho Lung develops solar energy and wind power engineering to contribute a world with green energy. Also, dedicates to grasp the market pulse to be a sustainable corporation.



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