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Greater Changhua Offshore Wind Farm Project

The Greater Changhua Offshore Wind Farm is the first world-class large-scale wind farm in the Asia-Pacific region. The project is planned to be developed on four sites in the Taiwan Strait, with a planned total power generation capacity of 2.4GW.

The first phase of the OWF is the farthest from shore (from 35km to 60km off the coast of Changhua County, Taiwan) and has the largest number of WTGs installed (111 8MW WTGs), which can provide electricity for about 1.1 million households.

This project is an unprecedented step for a local cable engineering company to enter the OWF industry and it is also the first offshore project for Ho Lung. The multi-party cooperation strengthens international standard procedure for Taiwanese technicians.

Ho Lung not only invested European standard machine tools and equipment but also set up the world's first simulation platform of offshore wind turbine at the headquarter for the education and inheritance purpose. Ho Lung has completed cable installation and testing works on 111 WTGs and 2 offshore substations.


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